Royal Commission & Aramco


Typed 1/3/2012

First stop on today’s trip was to the Saudi Arabian Royal Commission of Jubail & Yanbu. The organization formulates trade and labor agreements within international business. In addition, they focus on higher education, job force training, language immersion, and economic development. The goal is to diversify the economy. The commission gives corporations/industries free land, tax breaks, and employee compounds for expatriates. The organization shared their expansion plans and then provided a bus tour of the whole city. Unfortunately, no photos were allowed. I did however, find a brief video explaining the city.

I did manage to sneak a photo of the industrial park… 2013-01-02_12-30-11_803

After the bus tour, the commission hosted a beautiful outside picnic with the best food yet, in KSA!


The hospitality continued with dessert and “surprises” which consisted of framed handmade Bedouin jewelry for the ladies and traditional head dresses for the gentlemen. Both genders received a group photo and informational CD. The commission stressed that we apply for jobs within Saudi Arabia and that they would pay for all of our living expenses, moving expenses, and future travel. If graduate school doesn’t work, I may have to look into that! ha ha!2013-01-03_00-16-57_292


Following the Saudi Arabian Royal Commission, was a visit to Aramco. As mentioned before, Aramco is the world’s largest oil company ; and is owned by the Kingdom. Again, photos were not allowed, but the facilities were unlike anything I had ever seen. As students, we were able to use the drill simulator and pretend to operate a  deep ocean drill rig. A cave simulator also communicated the differences between oil, natural gas and vast volumes located within the rock.

As for the evening, the ladies went shopping for new abayas! I had my heart set on a pearl abaya because I had seen a woman in one; at one of my university visits. After much debate and travel, I found it! In less than 10 minutes, it was tailored to my body.


My new abaya purchased for $42.00. It has pearls, silk, and lots of bling :)

desMore pearls but the quality was questionable and the store representative wouldn’t bargain. A complete deal breaker!

Tomorrow, we will fly out to the city of Jeddah, our last city during the cultural study visit. I have been looking forward to Jeddah the most because I have heard stories of how liberal the city is with its bright colors and tight fitting abayas. I am excited to compare the different cities. Also, there is a large pearl and gold market present :)

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  1. I hope you’re having a pleasant time in Saudi Arabia. Please make sure that you visit Jeddah, which is located on the western coast of the kingdom, and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KASUT) which is in Thuwal, 50 miles north of Jeddah.

  2. Welcome to Saudi Arabia ..

    I hope you having fun here. But you have to come to Hail city. Im pretty sure you’ll enjoy in Hail.

  3. Wishing you enjoyable time here In Saudi Arabia and we looking forward to have you In Jeddah city as lots for nice places and Malls ,, glad to have you In our best University (UBT) University Business & Techonology , good luck with your trip

  4. I’m a saudi guy from dammam, and I really enjoy reading your blog.. I’ve always wanted to read about americans who visited saudi arabia… if you could write about your opinion about saudi arabia before and after your visite..?! and do you like the idea of working in saudi arabia..?!?!

    and by the way, you look beautiful in the abaya :-)

    Enjoy your stay and if you need anything do not hesitate to ask!

    • Hi Abdul! I will be sure to do a final reflection after my visit. I already have my topics in my regarding family kinship, women’s rights, international business, sustainability and hospitality :-) I hope to have this posted later tomorrow!

      Thanks for your support!

  5. I hope you are having a blast! Not too many people get to see the country the way you did. Keep us updated, I’m following your journey!

  6. Hi
    I hope you’ve enjoied your time in the kindome. I use to be in Oregon for my English progrm last year but know I’m back home in the north of Saudi so if you want to see the reall think about the country and its’ tradition you need to visat eather the South or the North and I will be more than happy to meat you.

    You can find me on facebook
    My name is Ebtehal Alrewaily


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